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"Well, I won't tell anyone. Do you masturbate, Daddy?"
"Yes, from time to time. It's not a bad thing, but it's private."
"Does it feel the same way I feel when I touch myself in bed at night?"
"Just like that, and it gets better and better until you cum. Touching yourself is a good thing, but only when you`re alone."
"Or with you, Daddy. I know about orgasms, but I haven't had one yet, even when you were putting that cream inside me."
He murmurs something. I think it's "Soon, Baby, soon."
* * *
Just before I go to bed, I hear Daddy go into the bathroom and the shower starts to run. I go into my bedroom and take my dress off, then I open the bathroom door. There's no lock on it. He's in the shower and the room is beginning to steam up. I pull my knickers down and sit on the toilet and have a pee. I stay there until he comes out of the shower.
"I didn't hear you come in, Helen." He starts to dry himself. The toilet is right next to the shower and he's standing right in front of me. I'm looking at his dick, which is soft.
"I had to pee. Listen, Daddy, when I was reading that sex-ed book, there's a chapter on oral sex. It was really interesting and I was wondering what it tastes like."
"Little girls shouldn't be. . . " I don't give him time to finish, I just grab his hips and pull him towards me. I think his dick is absolutely magnificent. I take hold of it. It's not quite rock hard yet and soft to the touch, and I love the way the skin slides back and forth. I could spend the whole day just looking at it, with its moist head peeping from his foreskin. I put my mouth over it. It feels silky smooth and doesn't taste of anything. It immediately begins to get harder, which gives me intense pleasure, knowing that he's getting stiff because of me. I pull his foreskin back a little and run my tongue over the head. Now it's as stiff as an iron bar. I clamp my lips round his shaft and bob my head up and down, masturbating him, while my hand cups his balls, so nice and smooth. Every few seconds, I take it out of my mouth and give it a dozen or so strokes with my hand, then put it back in again, careful not to let my teeth touch it. His hips are thrusting forward and I hold Preteen Model Bbs still, letting him make love to my mouth. Suddenly he pulls it out and a big blob of semen lands on my cheek. I grab hold of his dick and feel it pulsing while another three or four blobs of cum shoot from it. One lands on my vest, one on my arm and the last dribble coats my hand. I look up at Preteen Model Bbs him and lick it off my fingers.
"It tastes nice and creamy, Daddy. Next time I want to taste it all." He's speechless.
* * *
My dad's sitting by the pool when I come home from school today. I grab a coke from the fridge and come out into the back yard. It's a blistering hot day and I'm all sweaty. "I'm gonna swim, Daddy."
"Hi, sweetheart. Go right ahead. I'll just watch." He loves to watch. I take my shoes of first, as usual, so he can get his customary up-skirt view, then my skirt and blouse, then my vest, taking my sweet time, loving how he stares at me. Then down come my knickers, very slowly and seductively, and I turn and bend over as I step out of them, giving him a nice look at my bum. Then I sit and take my knee socks off, spreading my legs as wide as they will go, showing off my pee pee. I lean back, propped on my elbows, exposing my most private part for him. His dick makes a big bulge in the briefs he's wearing. Then I jump in the pool and cool off. After a minute, I climb out and kneel down by his feet.
"I want to see your cock, Daddy. Stay still while I take your underpants off." I hook my fingers in the waistband and pull his briefs down. His stiff cock jumps out, giving me a huge thrill. I just gaze at it for several seconds. It's moving slightly in time Preteen Model Bbs with his pulse. I'm totally in love with his cock and I want him to know it, so I lean forward and place a kiss on the tip. Then I straddle him, sitting with my pee pee right on his cock, and move my hips about.
"Oh, you gorgeous little slut," he says with a big grin. "You're driving me fucking crazy." He's used the F word!
"I like being a slut, Daddy. I'm your slut, yours only." I wriggle forward, bringing by pee pee nearer and nearer to his face, until I feel his mouth on me, his tongue probing and then licking me up and down. My head is in a whirl and I feel like I might faint. I reach behind me, take hold of his cock and gently stroke it. He doesn't last very long. Preteen Model Bbs I can feel it pulsing as he cums, and I can feel a blob of semen trickling down my back. I jump off him, spin around and take his cock in my mouth, licking all the cum off it. I love it. Next time I want to have all his cum in my mouth and I'm going to swallow it. I think he'll like that.
* * *
I'm lying in bed, with just a sheet covering me up to my waist. It's too hot to wear a nightie. Daddy comes to tuck me in and kiss me goodnight. He's wearing an old pair of boxers he likes to sleep in. As he leans over to kiss me, I push the sheet down, exposing my naked torso. As he looks at it, I can see his cock getting stiff in his underpants.
"Daddy, will you sleep here with me tonight?"
He hesitates. "Why not. It's a nice big bed. Move over."
"It's too hot to wear anything. Preteen Model Bbs
Take your boxers off." He slides them off and his cock is now rock hard. He lies down beside me and I just have to grab his dick and caress it. It's such a thrilling feeling to touch him down there, his cock and his balls, and know how excited it makes him. He kicks the sheet off and slides down the bed and buries his face between my legs. I feel as though I'm on fire, my heart is hammering. He licks and probes me, pushing his tongue as far in as he can. With my hands on the back of his head, I pull him into me. After a minute or so, he comes up for air and rolls on to his back, his cock standing up like a flagpole. I look at it for a few seconds, the most beautiful sight in the whole world, then I roll on top of him, bring my knees up and rub my pee pee against his cock. He's groaning and thrusting his hips up against me. I lift myself up, reach down and grasp his rigid cock. I lower myself down until Preteen Model Bbs
the tip is poking Preteen Model Bbs at me pee pee, and then, gazing into his eyes, I say, "Do it to me, Daddy, do it to me!" He thrusts upwards just as I'm lowering myself on to him and his cock goes smoothly into my wet pee pee, all the way in, right up to the hilt. An explosion of feeling ripples through my whole body, and I start to lift myself up and down. Suddenly, his cock slips out of me, and in a panic, I grab it and push it back in.
"Hold, still, Honey, let me do it to you," he groans, and I let him do all the work, thrusting and lunging upwards, penetrating me deeply, filling me up with his love.
"I love you, Daddy, I love you so much!" I gasp, my head thrown back. Then I feel his cock pulsing and I know he's cumming and at the same time, a wave of ecstasy breaks over my, spreading out from my loins through all my body, like nothing I have Preteen Model Bbs ever felt before. So this is an orgasm, I think. It's more than I expected it to be. I want to do this again and again, as often as I can with the daddy I love so much. Out of breath, I lift myself off his dick and lie back on the bed.
"And you know I love you too, don't you, my darling? Now you know how much."
I take hold of his hand and place it between my legs. He'll like that.
Daddy likes to touch me.
The End.
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Subject: Daddy Loved Me (gay/incest, oral, anal, b/MM)
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Daddy Loved Men
San Jose, Costa Rica is located so close to the equator that the
climate is constantly hot and humid. Our home was located just a short
distance from the beach. It was a nice home in a quiet residential
community district, where it was a safe place for children to play
outdoors day or night. There is very little change in temperature between
day time highs and night time lows. So when I was a child I was
comfortable sleeping in the nude on top of my bed without so much as a
sheet over my body. I slept with the window open and the screens
closed, while hoping for a breeze. That was the situation the first night
my father came home dunk on rum and Coke.
I was about eight-years-old at the time. I was sound asleep, and
didn't hear my bedroom door open. It was not until I felt my dad sit
down on the side of my bed that I woke up. Before I was fully aware of
what was going on my father touched my little pecker. As soon as he
touched it, that woke me up right away. The feeling of his hand on my
flesh was like an electrical shock. My little pecker sprang to attention.
No one had ever taken hold on my Preteen Model Bbs dick like that before. I didn't move
while he played with my dick. He only did it for a short time before he
let go and stood up. He bent over and kissed me on the mouth before
stumbling out of my room.
That was the start of my sexual exploration. I never told any of
my playmates about what my father had done, but I started seeking out
other guys. Of course the first person I approached was my best friend.
We were just about the same age, and had gone to school all of our lives
with each other. While we were playing with each other one afternoon I
asked him if he had ever played with his dick. He admitted that he
played with his dick all of the time. I never asked him where he learned
about how to do that. We started off taking out our dicks in front of
each other and pulling on our dicks. I don't even remember which one
of us suggested playing with each other's dicks, but we were soon
jacking-off each other's dicks. I think we masturbated each other for a
couple of years before we started sucking each other's cocks. Neither
one of us was old enough to cum at the time. We simply spent a lot of
time playing with each other. Eventually we met an older boy who
encouraged us to suck his cock. He was old enough to have pubic hair
and his cock was almost man sized. The first time I sucked his cock it
came as a surprise when he squirted cum into my mouth. After a couple
of times of swallowing his cum I got used to the taste, and even learned
to enjoy it.
I was all of eleven-years-old when my father decided that I was
old enough to go hunting with him. I was thrilled at the prospect of
becoming a man and accepted by my father as a man. We were going to
hunt goats. Dad borrowed a gun for me from a friend. We packed up
our camping equipment and we drove our family car over dirt Preteen Model Bbs
roads to
the interior of the Island as far as we could. Then we packed our gear to
a little stream, where we set up camp. It was all very exciting for me.
After we set up camp we followed a trail that was littered with goat
droppings until it started getting a little too dark to continue. When we
got back to camp we had something to eat before turning in for the night.
When we got inside the tent we changed clothes. Dad just slept in his
boxer shorts, while I put on my stripped pajama bottoms. Then we
settled down on the pallet we were going to share.
We were lying on our sides, and I cuddled up against Dad's lap.
I was not used to sleeping on the ground, so I was uncomfortable, and
the night sounds Preteen Model Bbs
of leaves rustling and insect noise kept me awake. My
father wrapped his arm around my body. I felt him playing with my
nipples for a little while before his slid his hand down the front of my
body until he reached the top of the pajamas. He found an opening and
put his hand inside and took hold of my penis. At the same time I felt
my father's cock was resting against the crack of my butt, my pajamas
were being stuffed between the cheeks of my butt. After him playing
with me for awhile he drifted off to sleep, while still grasping my penis.
I was unable to fall asleep, because I was so sexually stimulated.
I wanted to feel his cock resting against my bare flesh, so I
unfastened my pajamas, and worked my bottoms down under my body
until my butt was exposed. I cuddled back against my father's lap until
his stiff cock which was sticking out of the fly of his shorts found the

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